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Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
Right, I remember now. I always thought his shot was between mid to high 90's. Which would make his shot above average in the NHL? What's notable about his shot is that it's able to find it's way through traffic and to the net, which makes it a lot more important than having a 105mph slapper that misses the net all the time.

Anyway, making progress is one thing, but making enough progress to crack the top 4 on a contender is another thing.
if he lacks the ability to crack the roster in two years, i'll start to worry. as it is, the favourable reports come en masse and concerns don't, so i'm pretty excited for him

all that said, i still think corrado's the better prospect. i think they probably both have a small chance of playing top line minutes at some point in their careers - the difference is that is that I see corrado being the hamhuis of a top pairing unit (a #2 dman that looks like a #1 with the right partner) and connauton being the bieksa (a #3 or #4 dman that looks like a #2 with the right partner).

and as far as I know, 100mph is the watermark for "a good shot" so yeah, it's probably above average in velocity in the NHL. he's young, he totally has the ability to add to it.

doesn't corrado have a 100mph+ slapper too?

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