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07-23-2012, 03:49 AM
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I don't get the love for Doan to be quite honest.
Sure, he is a solid player and a clear upgrade on the Habs roster, but to me, he is a horrible fit.

Let's do this re-tool/build/stock/whateveryouliketocallit once and for all.
Getting Cole last summer made some sense since Gauthier obviously thought the team was going in the right direction, bankin on getting Max back, hoping Gomez would rebound etc etc.

Now we have new management and hopefully a new philosophy.
Cut the dead wood and let the kids play!

Semin on the other hand...
I wouldn't mind testing him for a year or two if he is willing to sign here for 2 years max. If he pans out, great, if not, let him walk.
I doubt he sign here though, unless it is a serious commitment from the Habs and in that case I think we should pass.
I thinkk Markov and Emelin along with some other solid veteran could keep him in check if he truly is a problem in the locker room.

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