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07-23-2012, 08:21 AM
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In need of some much needed advice!

Hey guys,

I had a pair of Bauer X40's 8.0D and they were hurting on the side of my big toe and my feed would feel numb at the end of a game.

I've been skating for a year and a half (never skated before) and I didn't think it was worth it to shell out the big bucks on a top of the line pair of skates.

I recently went to LHS to try a new pair of skates (the sales poeple don't work for a comission over there) . The top of my foot is a bit high and the clerk measured my foot (8.0D).

I tried CCM 6.0 and Bauer Supreme 6 and One60 (the really good at the begining of this post was explaining that supreme has a wider forefoot). I only tried those two because the guy said that Reebok and Easton are not made for my foot (because the top of my feet is thick) and I could get lacebite.

CCM's weren't confortable so I skipped them early.

I loved the One60 but I tried the 8.5D and I had a full finger in the back of heel which is not good from what I understand. He then said I should try a 7.5 in the Supreme because I had a lot of space in the back of my heel.

The clerk was explaining that Supreme 6 and One60 is exactly the same fit. He didn't
have a One60 in size 7.5D but he made me try a Supreme 6 and they felt fine, except the fact that i felt the weight of my body on my ''inner big toe mound'' which is the bone underneath my big toe. The guy punched the skate out a bit and it felt a bit better. He told me that I could punch 'em out more if I buy them and that insoles (superfeet) would help a lot.

The side of my big toe didn't seem to hurt with the Supreme 6 and I walked a lot with them in the store. Only bothers me that I felt pressure on the bone underneath my big toe and I just don't want to end up with another problem.

I asked the guy if I could maybe bake them to brake them in more easily and he said that I shouldn't because they weren't made for baking.

Also, I was wondering if profiling the skate could give me more stability on the ice? The guy said that some profiles make the blade touch the ice a bit more and that could help me....

So can any of u give me some much needed advice?

Thanks a lot!

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