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Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
You should really check out that Multiquote function Kinghock

And honestly, this is the reality of it. Regardless of Bernier being a "Blue chip" prospect, he hasn't proven anything in the NHL yet.

It would be WAY MORE of a risk for a team to trade big value for a goaltending prospect than say...a forward prospect. A forward, if he doesn't pan out is just one of 15-20 other forwards. But if you trade big for Bernier and he flops, well welcome to one of only 3-4 goalie prospects you have not being what you anticipated.

THAT is why goalie trades normally seem so undervalued. They are huge risks.

Do any of you realize that Bernier has played just 48 games? Do you realize if you include overtime losses he is 20-22? His save percentage is .910, and he has never played consistently in the role of a starter playing 8-10+ games in a row.

Some of you really over value what we can get for Bernier. We aren't going to see more then a mid level prospect or a 3rd/4th depth forward and a mid pick for him unless another player is included in the deal.

Those are not numbers that indicate he can be a No. 1 goalie.

I think he can be, but I think a lot of you are valuing his former first round tag, and not his reality price tag. Unproven back-ups who used to be first round picks don't fetch much in the offseason.

and if Korpisalo had more talent than Jones, and Columbus needs a goaltender for the future, why would the trade him away for Martin Jones?

I'm sorry but Peter Harrold did well with a change of scenery?

He played 11 regular season games for the Devils on an arguably much weaker defensive corps. That is the fewest amount of games he ever played in one season, less then he played in the last five years with the Kings. The only reason he was put in during the post-season is because Henrik Tallinder was hurt and the Devils didn't trust throwing Larsson into the fire so soon.

I don't think that's really "Doing well" with your change of scenery. That's pretty much status quo for a 7/8 press boxer.
I am totally disagree with this statement: “We aren't going to see more than a mid level prospect or a 3rd/4th depth forward and a mid pick for him unless another player is included in the deal”.
I believe Lombardi disagree too.

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