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07-23-2012, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by DrHamburg View Post
Why in the world would the Flyers try to entice the preds further? You think they would rather have Weber or Mez and Voracek?

If they dont match its clearly a money issue. They wont want Mez. You would need to do 3 first, bourdon + gust + wellwood. Cheap contracts with roster players for nashville. giving them voracek and mez for say 8 million a season combined, they might as well pay weber.
The Predators ARE REQUIRED to spend to get to the cap floor. Roughly 13 million dollars. However, with Weber's deal, they end up paying a boatload more in terms of real dollars than in cap hit. Players like Mez and Voracek are or will be compensated in a manner that aligns their play with an appropriate cap hit and actual salary.

There are a ton of other factors here:

1.) Weber's contract is all bonus upfront meaning it gets paid whether the there's a lockout or not

2.) Bonuses are uninsurable. That's 68 million dollars of financial risk for the franchise

Yes, a decision not to match would be tied to money, but not necessarily in the way you're indicating. They have to send some to meet the minumums (as they would even if they match). but in terms of cost versus cap, they may not be able to maintain profitability if they do.

However, 4 1sts don't help them get to the cap minimum nor do they make their team even remotely close to competitiveness. Some young players to fill holes and cap space along with some of the more immediate picks go a lot farther towards softening a blow.

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