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Originally Posted by Smashville615 View Post
Nothing wrong with Nashville as a city. I think there is a problem with managemet. Things just are not adding up. They are well respected around the league but that respect does not add up to what is going on. Just does not make sense to me.
I think the big city lights, attention, and live breath hockey in the other North East and Canada does also have an effect but should not effect the amount of players that it has.
I agree with some of what has been posted here. Also lets not forget that we are one of the newer franchises in the NHL and our history is still new and that the big firesale from Leopold and the attempted sale to RIM guy really hurt us. We have been in the discussion as one of the teams that should move up north and our current ownership doesn't have a lot of $$. So, with all of this stuff still floating around, that has hindered our ability to bring in and/or keep players. IMO.

Also, as I have stated in other posts, I think our style of play has turned players away from us. It isn't the style of play that scorers would like to play in, defense first. I know, I know, we were in the top 10 in scoring this past year, the PP was #1, but that has not been our MO from the past. I think we have some guys that can score, if Trotz will let them loose to do so. Again, IMO.

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