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07-23-2012, 11:38 AM
Clarkington III
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This is more of a 'this past weekend I...' edition.

During my last pickup session, I put a lot of shots over the net with a pretty open curve that I usually am fine with (Bauer P08). For the last year or so, I have been using either the Staal/Drury wedge or more recently the P08 which is the same thing with some toe. After some thought, I decided to try out the P88 blade I haven't used in some time with an X60 shaft I wasn't using.

I played with that Saturday morning and was very pleased with it. It's much easier for me to shoot high with a closed curve than it is to shoot low with an open one. My passing was much better too as I could keep the sauce flatter with the P88. My snap shot was also harder and much more consistently accurate.

Sunday, I only spray painted the bottom of the shaft and top of the blade black to make the stick not have contrasting colors or the Bauer logo on the blade. It looks much better and at times looks like a OPS. It may only be a placebo, but as I always say: Look good, feel good, play good.

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