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Chinese here and have been playing 15 years with only 1 incident where some really young kid in his early teens with a platinum chain around his neck called me something I can't even remember anymore. But this was after he took a penalty against me and I tapped him in the shin guards with the stick and said something sarcastic like "nice play" - nobody liked that and we got together. He said something while we were both in the box. And I'm NEVER in the box.

A few other times I'm surprised they don't say anything... I'd be sitting on their stick on purpose to delay them from getting back into the play... the guy even called me sir for some reason.

I guess being in NY helps with the mix of races everywhere you go so seeing a minority at the rink isn't entirely unexpected. I have only seen maybe 10 other asian hockey players though. Even fewer blacks or indians (yes I know they're technically asian).

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