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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Dumb would be how I describe trading away two young stars signed to great cap hits (Richards/Carter) for players who might become them. Richards/Carter were key members of their run to the Cup Finals and just helped the Kings win one. All to free up space to add a big name goalie he was told to get.

Also the context of why they were traded makes the idea of Homer being "brave" fairly silly. Snider had ripped into him in a meeting after losing in the 10-11 playoffs due to bad goaltending.

So Homer went out and traded for the "big name" goalie that he gave a massive contract to. Then on the same day he traded away Richards and Carter to free up cap space. He had little choice but to trade them since, of his big contracts at the time, they were the only ones not restricted by a NTC or NMC.

Homer did was he was told to do by his owner and there really isn't anything "brave" about that. Not to mention he has unlimited resources and can attempt to buy his way out of any mistakes. As you see he is attempting to do right now with the Weber offersheet to find a replacement for Pronger.

A "brave" GM, to use your term, would be one that goes big knowing that it better work or he is stuck with his mistake for years. A small market or mid market team's GM would be in that position. Not the Philly GM and the unlimited piles of cash they can throw at their team.
this correlation/causation annoys me to no end... because it is flat out wrong.

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