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07-23-2012, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Not diminishuing what he did....but he wasn't the first Euro Captain in the NHL and wasn't the longest serving captain in the Habs history....No doubt that he accomplished a lot in his international career. But whether it's his fault or not, we can't say he did in the NHL aside from being a very good player, which is more than a whole lot of people can say.

Where I totally agree with you is that the Cup isn't everything. Gilbert Dionne has NOT been a more useful player to the Habs than Marcel Dionne was to the Kings solely based on the Cup. Clearly not. But whether we like it or not, and again, whethe it's his fault or not, the end-result as far as team success does count for quite a lot. His own personal achievement then soften the blow that the unsuccesful era he was in might say. Yet, will be remembered as a warrior and a true competitor. Again, we could argue the "leader" part as far as on and off the ice. But no doubt that he had to be amongst the ones that just never took a shift off. And that's pretty remarkable. But can't be jersey retirement material as far as what happened in his career with us. And especially when you start to look around in this franchise and see that there are still very good players that also won't see their jersey up even with cups in their pocket. And again, Cups aren't everything. But unfortunately, perception is that it is. And reality ALSO suggest that a player you use to call a loser, well you might not be able to do so in quite some time after he just won a cup.
I meant first European and longest-serving captain (tied with Beliveau) for the Habs.

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