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07-23-2012, 12:37 PM
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I suppose no one outside the inner circles really knows who Poile wanted from the Flyers, but the indication I'm getting was both B. Schenn and Couturier for sure to start and other talent added on from there... To me the potential equivalent of asking for both Suter and Weber back in their early years.

Business dealings on a high stakes level almost always is a play for the upper hand on all sides... economic bullying or playing the better hand to the best of their ability? Is it bullying to demand a gutting of the young talent on a team for an asset you have? Poile went after the most he could get for Weber and maybe aimed too high or waited too long... IMO he did not play his great hand to the best advantage, and that had nothing to do with his being merciful.

Organizations want their GMs to do their best and take the position away from them when they don't do enough... All this was moot points in the days of Ownership ruling contracts... with looser and looser Free Agency comes more and more competition... and when players compete to the available dollars and owners compete for the top players, all Hell breaks out and gloves com off.

I point no finger in any one direction in these matters... once Professional Sports became almost 100% business nothing was personal any longer and it became dog eat dog. I don't blame Poile for trying to get the most for Weber, and I don't blame Homer for doing everything legal he can to get Weber and to protect as much of his assets that he can in the process.

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