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12-02-2003, 11:19 AM
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nice job meister- that's a good outline of players. my take:

gonchar- we won't pay the price in players/picks to get this guy.

hedican- if i remember correctly, he signed a 6 year, 18 million dollar deal. there is no way he's coming to boston.

hill- i can't see OC bringing him in...he's a dirty SOB, and i don't think the players would be happy w/him aboard- chemistry is important to think about here

modry- late bloomer, and taylor won't move him...he's a solid piece to their puzzle.

berard- i wonder if OC thinks he made a mistake by not taking him up on that 1.8 million offer that bryan came back with. despite his shortcomings in the D zone, i still think he could help this team.

poti- might be the best fit, but at the highest cost. if the rag$$$$$$ lower their price, it can get done. but i can't see us giving up anything more than huml/gill or 2nd/gill (i'm still not sure i want to give up gill either- grass is always greener on the other side).

tarnstrom- never liked this guy. he's not terrible, but i think of jarno kultanen when i think of this guy. sure he's not THAT bad, but unless we give up next to nothing, i'd pass on him.

ps...WHO would you remove from the lineup right now if we acquired one of the guys in question? tough call- moran's been very good lately.

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