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07-23-2012, 01:29 PM
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How to get your kid to love the game:

1) Chase your dream to make the NHL as far as you can go. (Can't be a parent until you honestly try pursuing your dreams)
2) Have kids with a wife with a big uterus. (Gives your kid a size advantage starting from conception)
3) Let hockey stay your life's biggest passion. More than the women.
4) Play hockey with your kids as soon as they can hold a mini stick.
5) Be a goalie and let them score. Scream and holler to get them to love your appraisal for doing something. Positively reward their behavior when playing.
6) Teach your kids how to ice skate. Be there with them on the ice.
7) Continue playing hockey with them and get their friends in the neighborhood to get into it.
8) Take them to NHL games while doing all of this RARELY. Do not take them to every game. It has to be a special thing, a privilege for them.
9) Continue to tell them they have what it takes to go wherever they want to with hockey. If they want the NHL they can do it. Be there supporting them 100% of the way.
10) In the end it is their choice. Get them started with hockey. Let them play as long as they want and continue standing by their side.
11) If they wish to travel and work on making it to the NHL. Be there to challenge them to take their game to the next level always. Positive reinforcement needs to come a lot less here. BUT there still needs to be some appraisal. He started hockey to prove something to you so let him prove it.

The kid will become a great hockey player and could end up making it into the NHL. It all starts with your passion as a father though. Just some thoughts from a guy with 17 years of hockey experience.

P.S. Bonus points if you start off as his coach.

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