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07-23-2012, 03:00 PM
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Found a new (minor) update for U of I that was printed in the local paper recently.

The master plan also shows two large buildings slated for "university-oriented use" at the north end of the park, near the I Hotel and Conference Center. DeLorenzo and others said there are no specific plans for those buildings, but it made sense to reserve them for university use given their proximity to the Assembly Hall.

Fox has led the effort for a new ice arena just southeast of the hotel, but "it's not very far along at this point," he said last week. UI athletic officials are focused on the upcoming renovation of the UI Assembly Hall, Fox said.
The "master plan" refers to an area in the southwest part of the campus dedicated to a research and development park. The developers have been discussing a new ice rink there for some time, but by all accounts it's just a small local rink intended to update or replace the aging one sheet rink on campus. So not a D1 suitable stadium.

What is new though is the "two large buildings slated for university oriented use." That area is right next to the football and basketball stadiums. Depending on how large is "large" I'd speculate they are saving room for another arena. Or at least more athletic fields. It would work out nicely if it was right next to the planned smaller rink that could double as a practice area. Still dreaming...

Here's the link if you want it. Most all of the article focuses on the development of the research park.

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