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12-02-2003, 11:31 AM
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What is funny is that all those who complained about Aebischer before this season always pointed out that he had more losses than wins last season (while never discussing his GAA and Sv% since it was obvious losses was the "weak" stat for him last year). And now when he leads the NHL in wins that people are only talking about GAA and Sv%. Statistical cherry picking at its finest

As for the original topic. No. I don't think he has been even close to a Vezina calibre goalkeeer this season. He and his team have done well getting the wins they have considering the injury problems, but Aebischer hasn't shown much of an ability to steal games and they haven't met that tough opposition this far. He has to improve quite a bit to have a chance of hardware. But it is encouraging for him to lead the league in wins. He has not even been close to crashing and burning, like the most rabid Avs haters claimed he would.

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