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07-23-2012, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
I don't think the loss of Mesz, Voracek, and Cousins or a pick is justified with Ryan.

Yes he is a great player, but I feel by seasons end Voracek may be putting up just as many points, or close enough that Mesz and the extra piece makes it a loss for us.

I'd much rather land Weber, and do whatever it is possible to keep Voracek. I see alot of potential in him, and unless landing Weber was hinged on him going to Nashville, I want to keep and sign him.

He could garner a Carter type return in a few short years IMO.
Well a trade like that is justifibale to some degree if we land Weber. Look at it this way, with Weber here we have probably too many Dmen so losing Mesz may happen anyway, Ryan or no Ryan. (yes even comsidering that Timo will probably leave next summer).

And trading Voracek for Ryan means trading one good forward for anotehr, so we lose no depth.Capwise Ryan costs ..what, 5 mil?.. Vorecek will demand at least 4, so not a huge difference.

The only xtra portion is that pick or Cousins.

SO landing Weber plus making that trade means effectively:

We lose Meszaros and replace him with Weber
We lose Voracek and replace him with Ryan.

We lose no defensive or offensive depth, We replace good dman and a good forward with a better dman and better forward.

GUYS, we'd be fools not to go for that. Anaheim tho, according to some, may not agree.

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