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Originally Posted by MeffyuhTJRest
I know there are certain hot spots that are prone to getting hit (the gap between the top of the pads and bottom of the pants when a goalie goes down) but how much is present day goalie equipment protecting the goalie and how much of it is protecting the net? I feel in this day and age there must be ways to reduce the size of goalie equipment while maintaining their safety and the integrity of the game.
There is an arguement that the 1-piece comp sticks have turned every shooter into Bobby Hull so goalies should be able to compensate, but i don't buy that too easily. Any thoughts?
I think there are two sides to this arguement.

1. Chest/Shoulder protectors that Garth Snow and Giggy are much too big and need to be restricted. I couldn't agree with that more.

2. Leg pads are another story. they may be wider than what they were, but I think the complaints are more about their lenth than width.
They are lighter weight now and big is not a problem anymore. What is a problem that can't be fixed is that the goalies are taller than they used to be. 6-3/6-4 goalies are not unusual now. is it right for them the leave the top of their legs explosed in the butterfly because they are tall and the pads are not tall enough?

No one talks about this, but goalie maskes are light years better than they were in the Bobby Hull days. Goalies get hit flush on the coconut now days and are barely phased by it. That means there is no fear about playing goal on their knees as opposed to the old days.

Hockey players are bigger and faster and stronger. They shoot harder.
They are not afraid of crashing the net because the nets come off easy and being in the crease is not an issue anymore.

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