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07-23-2012, 03:50 PM
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That's the age I taught my son how to skate. I took him open skating and made a game out of it. I had him hold onto the boards and go at his own pace and after a while made a game out of it. Once I saw him able to skate ten or so feet I said I bet you can't make it from the goal line to the blue line without falling. Well after an hour he was making it around the whole rink. Make it fun for them, but let them get use to it on their own.

About the skates go buy entry model hockey skates. Don't buy anything more than a $40 to $50 skate because in my opinion you will be wasting money. Don't buy the double blades.

Look into local hockey programs and see what they are all about. If you're in Long Island I'm sure your program is apart of USA hockey and they are very firm about teaching kids how to skate at such a young age. Also I know when I coached I grouped our kids based on talent level so nobody would feel out of place and would spend extra time teaching kids that were new to skating or were having a tough go at it.

Just make sure they are having fun and don't worry about it because the best kid today might not be the best kid in the future.

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