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Originally Posted by esidebill View Post
You're a Long Islander? Do you skate at the Rinx? Anywho, I'd say find a nice accommodating program for them to learn how to skate better and maybe work into a hockey program as well. As far as skates, junior skates run cheap because of the fact kids feet grow quickly. Just buy a size where they have some growing room. I'm a firm believer that if they want to play, they will beg you to play.
no we're at Bethpage - nice new(ish) rink there and that's where I also play pick up when not a league game.

to everyone thx for all the advice so far - will be taking them more often and get them some basic gear too. Two at a time is rough... money and time. Just hope that the hockey programs will take "hockey beginners" when they're like 5 or 6?

I do wish to coach kids at some point since that's a lot more fun than standing at the sidelines for an hour+.

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