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Originally Posted by SabresBillsBuffalo View Post
and I try not to look into the whole "list" thing cuz so many times players have gone to unlisted teams
When was the last time a player with an NTC who also either requested a trade or was rumored to be traded went to a team not on his list?

Regehr wasn't expected to be traded, he didn't have or give Calgary a list.

Ottawa tried trading Heatley to a team that wasn't (or wouldn't have been) on his list, he nixed it.

Visnovsky is filing a grievance over whether his NTC was in effect because he didn't want to go to the Islanders.

Players with NTCs don't waive to go where they don't want to (i.e., their list). How big or small that list is depends on the player...but the list DOES matter.

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