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12-02-2003, 12:47 PM
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Benching the leading scorer when a team is struggling to score goals in a bad way (especially at home) is insane, especially when that guy wasn't supposed to be the leading scorer in the first place.

However, somehow I doubt that these coaching decisions are the coach's and the coach's alone. The team has gone through how many coaches in the past 5 years? Too many to count. And they all did the same thing once they hit the NHL (stop playing kids, rely heavily on mediocre vets). Why? Probably because of a lack of job security. Clearly, Julien's fighting for his job right now and he (and most coaches) feel that playing a veteran will help preserve his post.

Unless the mandate changes from up above (instead of trying to get the No. 8 playoff seed every year, focus more on player development and rebuilding the team into a perennial playoff contender), whatever coach is behind the bench will continue to react the way Julien has reacted this season. He's not trying to develop players, he's trying to save his a**.

This is clearly not the mega coaching prospect he was a few years ago.

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