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07-23-2012, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
So because we add players, means we can get less value back for those that become expendable?

Just because Mesz becomes expendable doesnt make him a trade throw in.

IMO, Voracek, Mesz and Cousins is too much for Ryan, especially when you factor is what a better Nash got. A bunch of near scrubs. Nash pulled in a 2 3rd liners, a #4 d-man and a pick.

Voracek is at current better then all players involved in that trade, Mesz is comparable to all, and Cousins has the potential to be better.

You don't just toss guys away because you got others to fill the holes. Essentially we are talking:

2013 1st
2014 1st
2015 1st
2016 1st


Weber and Ryan.

That is to much.

I'm all for getting both, but I believe that package for Ryan is to much for a moderate increase.

This Flyers team is currently built, and if they acquire Weber even more so, to not only compete this season, but also the next 10 years. Why throw away assets to make this years team moderately stronger, when in as early as one year, Voracek is posting comparable numbers, Mesz would add depth and resign for what will likely be less, and Cousins is ready to own face? He plays like RInaldo but with skill, the kid will be a phenomenal flyer.

Doesnt make sense to me, not when the window of opportunity (given Weber lands here) is much greater then a 1-2 year gap, in which the aquisition of Ryan would be more beneficial, as the over the top piece.
Would you do that if we replaced Voracek with Read. I think I would

A core of
Giroux, Ryan, Couts, Schenn, Simmonds, Voracek and Weber, Coburn, Schenn looks pretty damn awesome

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