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07-23-2012, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by ELab2 View Post
But that can't be a response to what do you think we should give up if necessary. You can't know if Nashville is going to match, if you answer that way you're either assuming they absolutely are or they absolutely can't. None of knows whether either of those are true, and it's probably reasonable to assume that neither is true, at that point it because costs/benefits for both teams. And from that point, if you say its 4 1sts or nothing, you're simply saying that Weber is worth that exact combination to the Flyers and no more and no different.
"If necessary" is a complete hypothetical that Holmgren can't know before Wednesday. The only question is do you think it's a bluff or not.

No, of course you don't know if they're going to match or not. But as a GM, you have to add up all the pieces and decide which one you think is going to happen. To the people who don't think like you do here, it's an either/or thing...they either have the ability to match and will or they don't and they won't.

And to be fair, I didn't see anyone saying "4 1sts or no deal", though perhaps I missed it in the 8 trillion pages of threads. I think the opposing stance is "4 1sts or some combination of players/picks that equals 4 1sts".

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