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Originally Posted by 24stanleycups View Post
There's no question that with the exception of a couple blips on Trevor Timmins career, he has been one of, if not the best scouts in the NHL in recent history. My question is, with next year projected to be an even stronger draft than the crazy, getzlaf, parise, carter, perry, richards, staal one, should we, instead of seeing where our health carry's us this year, be shipping off, our vets for picks. Gionta, Bourque, kaberle, markov, gomez, and even...erik cole. i mean..those guys just don't fit in with the era we're trying to build for. Alex galchenyuk isn't going to be the player we need him to be until those guys are sipping margarita's in the carribean, ya know? Nor is beulieu or tinordi, or collberg, or leblanc or next years pick. What do you guys think?
Not a knock on Trevor Timmins, but hasnt he been in the Montreal organization for over a decade?

So he COULD have drafted Parise, Perry, Richards, Getzlaf, Carter, Staal.

Lets see....we got A Kostitsyn, Cory Urquhart, Max Lapierre, O'Byrne, Locke, Danny Stewart, Christopher Heino-Lindberg, Flood, Korpikari, Jimmy Bonneau (my favorite ) and Halak.

And who is to say that this year's draft will be any better?

NHL organizations play to win, not to lose to get a better draft pick. A prospect is just that........a prospect. Many many "Superstars" in Juniors and Colleges never make it to the NHL, much less become a franchise player.


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