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07-23-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
I get that it's two separate transactions. I just don't see it as a move Holmgren would make.

The 4 first rounders are spread out over 4 years, and Holmgren has shown that he'll make any deal at any time. He knew going in that he could lose those picks, and I can't seem him being worried about getting them back by losing other pieces.
It's not about the 4 1st rounders. It's about Weber.

Nashville could say "we'll match", in which case Philly doesn't get Weber.

Or they could say: "You want Weber? Fine, we won't match but ONLY if we set up a deal where I send you back the 1st rounders for a return I like, and we agree on that deal in principle before the deadline. If we don't agree on such a deal, we'll match and keep Weber, and you don't get him."

Nashville has leverage depending on how badly Philly wants Weber. Now, it's possible Holmgren could renege on a deal after they decline to match, but that would be really bad business.

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