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12-02-2003, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by BleedBlue44
I don't understand why people expect that Satan is gonna draw a lot, because personally if the Sabres do trade him, they won't get much.. JMO
I would almost agree with you, if Regier wasn't the GM of the Sabres. He ***** other GM's in deals. Look at his Grosek for Gilmour and Dumont trade. He owned Chicago in that trade. Also, the Gratton for Brier trade. Everyone knows Gratton is utterly worthless while Brier is the Sabres leading scorer right now. Also, he picked up Captain Clutch, Chris Drury, for a # 4 defensive defenseman and Steve Reinprecht. All three are great deals, and Regier is known to be stingy and over-valueing his players (remember he asked for Sakic and/or Forsberg when Colorado wanted McKee). So if Regier pulls the trigger on his best player, I'm betting he gets a return most people wouldn't expect.