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Originally Posted by MNWILDFAN001 View Post
I don't want to join, already play in a league. But do any buy any fantasy football magazines? All I've ever done before is look at projected draft positions. But this year I want to put a little more effort in to it.
I don't buy any magazines, but I just started following a podcast that ESPN puts out called ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football, it's pretty good I think. They talk about a lot of teams and cover a lot of subjects that seem very helpful.

Alright, so I think we need to list everyone interested. At this point, there is a bit less response than I expected so I think we can accept anyone and everyone. And MNman, you played last year so of course you'll be welcomed back with open arms! Jarick, if you want you can definitely play man! We can always make room for mods.

So our list right now of players is(* are questionable guys?)

1. Me
2. LordFletcher
3. Victorious Secret
4. Generic User
5. this providence *
6. Squidz
7. Wild48
8. Piffles *
9. MNman
10. 00xtremeninja
11. Jarick *

So, looks like we could do a decent 12 team league at the moment, but I'll probably wait until thursday or friday before we make a final list, how does that sound to everyone?

At that point we can probably start looking at draft dates as well. Just general opinions here, but weekends or weekdays? Looks like most are available on Sundays, should we start looking at those?

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