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04-22-2006, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave
Looking at the Avs boxscore towards the end of the 2nd, Avs lead Stars 4-2, shots 21-8 in favour of Colorado (it was 21-6 a minute ago!). Anyone able to watch this and can provide an answer as to how the hell the Avs can limit the Stars to so few shots through 2 periods?
I've been watching this game. Theodore let in 2 on his first 4 shots (though I wouldn't blame him on any of them). The 2nd was from an amazing backhand pass from Arnott that gave Guerin's easiest goal of his career.

I don't know whether Dallas underestimated the Avs or not, but they are not skating with them. They are being pressed by a very aggressive Avs squad, full credit to them, and they can't keep up.

Plus Turco is doing his usual playoff choking job. It's like he wants to prove his detractors wrong so bad that he tries to do way too much. At one point I though he'd start deking passed the Avs to go score himself. Tries way too hard and overhandles the puck. He's going to wear himself out playing like that.

Dallas' special units doing a piss poor job too, especially PK, where all the guys just stand around, no pressure, with the dear in the head light kind of look.

Bottom line is Dallas are just not matching the Avs' intensity and will to compete.

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