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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... Hiya mesa, I see were going to have to start right off with another disagreement.

... sooo, why would the NHL be losing "another boatload of money" through the 12-13 season in Phoenix if theres a lockout/walkout?. Players dont get paid. You dont have the expenses of setting up the job 40-50+ X's over the course of the season. No charter flights, practice facilities, hotels, food per-diems, insurance premiums, printing, advertising, promotional, sales or marketing costs to be paid. Glendale still owes them about $6or7Mil from the 11-12 Arena Mgmnt Fees. That'll cover most of Neales, Maloneys, Tippets, a coupla scouts & admin types salaries, office space at the arena through the non-season. Savvy?

Second part ya, the NHL requires new owners to sign whats called a Consent Form which is basically a proof of bona-fides and agreement that you'll cover all losses and are capable of doing so for a period of no less than 5yrs. The NHL's By-Laws (and I believe Constitution) requires a 5yr notification of relocation 2 yrs thereafter (7th year) which requires BOG approval. Consent Forms are not capped, and you also waive your right to declare Bankruptcy. Unhuh, yepp thats right, yer screwed. No one gets out alive.

Those are the rules, however, special dispensations & accommodations can be made, negotiated, so I wouldnt call it hard & fast, and in some cases the Consent Form thrown right out the window, which I believe was the case with your man up in Minnesota there, that paragon of perscapacity, former owner of the Grand Ole' Opry & who made his money telemarketing outta Neenah Wisconsin, one Craig (no middle initial, his white trash parents couldnt afford one) Liepold. Howz that workin out for ya there in Pigs Eye Minnesota?. Dudes' whining about the CBA last winter, come spring he goes out & drops $198M on two players, while his former partners being cuffed, printed & photographed by the Justice Department & the FBI over SEC violations. Another frikin Cheesehead in the Land O' Lakes livin large huh?.
The Wild lost 40MM in the last lockout! I believe there are more fixed expenses than you think. Now i realize that the PHX club has cut back on many of those expenses, but even so that number may be as high as 20-30MM. That is money the owners will not be happy losing! BTW, so everyone who is a proponent of the team staying, lets see if there is a lockout what the city and its workers can do to make a go of it. Book some attractions etc. A lockout of any length given what proponents of the deal say will result in most of the vendors in Westgate baling out right? Or do you think that as the city learns some creativity they can actually survive and see that life after the Coyotes isn`t so bad after all.

As for Jamison, where is this guy and where is the money that everybody says he has?

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