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12-02-2003, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by MissionHockey
Friesen,Martin, and Berglund and a 3rd or Satan plus?
I think that's a huge overpayment. Friesen and Satan are almost identical in terms of production, aren't they? Their respective salaries are very similar as well, if I'm not mistaken.

Throwing in Martin, Berglund AND a 3rd is just insane. I'd rather see Lou sit on his ass than make a deal like that. That takes two guys out of the lineup and who in Albany is ready to fill in for Martin? Brown? I'd be scared.

The fact is, Regier has ripped off some GMs before. I can see it happening again but not with a guy like Lamoriello. There are a few other GMs that won't be taken either. Guys like Burke, Muckler, Lowe, Taylor, etc. These guys that are in the market or could be in the market for another offensive threat are very smart GMs. These guys are not Mike Smith (see: Grosek deal) and will not cave in for a guy like Satan.

Satan is a talented guy and isn't getting it done in Buffalo. However, when you can find guys like Comrie, Jagr and possibly Iginla on the market for a cheaper price (Comrie), a couple of mill more (Iggy) or Jagr...wait, Jagr's a horrible example. Somebody punch me. When you can find these guys on the market for a similar price, you'll look elsewhere.

If Regier thinks he can pull another mugging, he's dead wrong. The market is not there and no GM in the league will take on Satan's salary AND give up good value for Satan. You're whacked if you think otherwise.

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