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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... then what was the point of the exercise to begin with?. Why at 69 & 80yrs' of age would you put yourself through the physically taxing effort of doing this based on principal (as was their right) without first making absolutely certain you were on solid ground in terms of procedure in the first place? For the attention? Just tilting at windmills. Their own worst enemies. Modern day version of Cervantes' classic. Don Coyote'. And I mean no disrespect. Both gentleman seem to have lived full lives, solid citizens, intelligent, mindful & respectful.
The notoriety with GWI representing them in court and then the attempt to see it threw. The windmills were too far in the west to chase in this heat. It is less vexing to sit outside the library in the shade and greet patrons as they stroll by.

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