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Originally Posted by Sivek View Post
Name other schools that have had issues with a systematic cover-up of multiple child rapes that spanned decades.

Seriously, a football coach was able to use school facilities to **** children for decades. The head football coach, athletic director, president of the school and others knew. Turning Sandusky in was weighed against how it would affect the football program and school and the powers that be decided that it was more important to protect the image of the college and program and let the rapes continue for years. Just think about that, the people in power continued to allow children to be ***** on school grounds because they thought it might look bad if people found out. The people in charge of Penn State found more importance in their reputation and prestige than in protecting children from being *****.

That is a serious problem in the value system of the leaders of the university.
Can you please provide evidence for this?

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