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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
The Wild lost 40MM in the last lockout! I believe there are more fixed expenses than you think. Now i realize that the PHX club has cut back on many of those expenses, but even so that number may be as high as 20-30MM. That is money the owners will not be happy losing! BTW, so everyone who is a proponent of the team staying, lets see if there is a lockout what the city and its workers can do to make a go of it. Book some attractions etc. A lockout of any length given what proponents of the deal say will result in most of the vendors in Westgate baling out right? Or do you think that as the city learns some creativity they can actually survive and see that life after the Coyotes isn`t so bad after all.

As for Jamison, where is this guy and where is the money that everybody says he has?
MLSE, the Habs, the Wild, all of them "lost money", they lost the profits they'd normally turn however as they didnt play the games all they really "lost" was the cost of basic overhead, admin, mgmnt & coaching staff etc. They also suddenly had 40+ open dates on their calendars, many filled with highly profitable concerts & special events. This "we lost $40M, $70M" or whatever trickery & creative accounting is just that, "trickery". Its utter nonsense. Playing with language, playing with numbers.

Again mesa; no players being paid bonuses, salaries etc. What was the Coyotes' payroll at over the 11-12 season?. No insurance premiums to be paid, no charters, no equipment costs, no set-up costs at the job, no printing & advertising costs. Nothing. All gone. Just the costs to pay the already bare bones off-ice staff, Maloney, his Asst, some Scouts, Tippett etc. As of right now, there are 10 events booked into the building through June 2013. How pathetic is that? Couldnt possibly be worse so ya, lets see the league in conjunction with AEG earn the $17M they'll likely receive from Glendale for the season & quadruple the number, earn their dough for a change.

Yep. Thatd be really refreshing, and this time they'll have no excuses not to do so. The vendors in & around Glendale along with the City itself waking up to the fact that hey, with increased events AND hockey this is a no-brainer & we can win this. Yes my friend. It will be good for the city & the franchise, this lockout or walkout, a time out to get er' done properly, a new CBA that strengthens the investment opportunities with challenged & smaller market franchises, a more equitable Arena Management Fee moving forward. Better Jamison should just keep stum until the tax petitions sorted, the CBA settled, a new administration installed at City Hall. No rush, no deadline, and nobodys back against the wall.

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