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Originally Posted by Wheatking View Post
No owner says "enough with trying to compete. Lets blow it up"...unless they have to. The Oilers rebuild whether they have 1st round picks or not because they didn't have a choice. The only difference is that we might not be calling it a rebuild. The Oilers would just be a terrible team with absolutely no future.

You probably have a point when it comes to the 2011 pick but they weren't expecting to be that bad at all in 2009-10. The Sabres definitely pick first and take Hall or Seguin....and they most likely still get RNH just because management is so bad.
You honestly cant be serious with the bolded can you? What do they tell the fans, endure 65 losses and you can see who we pick 31st overall. Literally the only reason this team has fans is the excitement about seeing Hall, RNH, yakupov. Cross those off and replace them with Moroz and Pitlick and the city turns against the team, so goodbye to oilers owner new arena plans.

Also with your Penner examples you leave out the season where Oilers came in 9th and missed the playoffs by 3 points.

Penner had 23 goals and 47 points
Vanek had 36 goals and 63 points

Are an extra 13 goals enough to make up 1 lost game and 1 OT loss (3 points out of 8th)? Who knows if they make the playoffs maybe UFAs dont look at the team as a loser club on the way down. Also with making playoffs you can bet EIG would be jonsing like a crack addict for more playoff revenue and would want a competitive team

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