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07-23-2012, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by WantonAbandon View Post
Are you seriously asking why uninformed people are getting involved in the American political process?
... or in Canada, the UK, Greece & elsewhere?. Nope. No Im not. Not touching that one with a BargePole short of saying that in many cases its motivated by a sense of futility & frustration, feelings of abandonment, and sadly in others, a wanton avariciousness bordering on megalomania in seeking power & wealth. I pray for the Rapture every day, giant black funnels being sent down from heaven on high to hoover them all into another dimension.

Originally Posted by kihekah19 View Post
The only thing wrong with that is that it was but another storm for this organization to weather.
A tempest in a teacup kihekah, tempest in a teacup.... reminds me. Ever had pure grain alcohol served up in a fine English bone china tea cup with the little dainty cups & saucers? Of the type thats almost transparent?. Rather enervating my friend. The dichotomy, the irony of it all highly amusing. Add a little branch water if its too strong.

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