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Originally Posted by Hawks19 View Post

I agree with your assessment of LJK in trying to build super teams and last year they had likely the best MM team they've had in terms of overall talent and 10 players were drafted. Do you think that cuts from EMC will make this year's squad better than last year's team? Do you think that some of the names being floated on here have as much of a chance of being drafted considering it takes an extremely deep team to get 10 players from one team drafted? I believe that EMC is still the team to beat this year in the Alliance and that will get several players from their team a longer look than others.
Not sure where I said anything about London building super teams. They only did it once, and it was basically an accident. Last year, EMC all but deliberately screwed over the kids on that 1996 team, and the better players wanted to get the heck out. London just happened to be close. All of the chatter during the Bantam season had London players heading to EMC rather than the other way around. As far as being the best team they've had, the 1996s would be 3rd at best. 1989s and 1990s are easily better.

I couldn't really get a good indication on whether the EMC cuts will help this year's London team. The cuts played very little last year, and the London kids they replaced played even less. It's tough to say whether they are an uprgate or not. Both teams really get carried by their top end players. As I said before, the biggest factor for London this year will be the coaching - mainly how much that coaching gets influenced by the former coach.

As for the draft, both teams are top-heavy, especially EMC. I see EMC as having 2 first-rounders, a couple mid-round locks, and a couple more wild cards. I don't see anybody in London going in the first round, but should have a handful go in the 2nd and 3rd. Then they've got 6 likely mid-rounders, and maybe a couple wild-cards. My guess would be 5-6 drafted from EMC and 7-8 from London.

Elgin probably is the team to beat. Their top-end is just so good.

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