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Originally Posted by Lexus Dog View Post
Just the history (link I posted) of the very short list of players increasing goal totals after age 28.
You're being vague.... I suspect deliberately.

Increasing them from what? The year before, or over their career total?

If Nash has to beat his career total this year to get on that list, that means he can score 41 goals and still not get his name on there.

Which makes your list completely worthless. Everyone on here will be ecstatic if Nash scores 40 goals.

As I pointed out, a player like Gaborik came here at age 28 and he has scored 40 twice despite only doing it once before, at apparently the "peak" of his career from 18-27 in Minnesota.

He comes to NY and scores 40 twice in three years.

Oh, but he doesn't make your worthless list because he only scored 42 and 41 goals here. Since his career high was 42 previously, he didn't "increase" his number of goals scored over his career high after 28, so he doesn't make your list.

Who cares? Your list is ridiculous semantics.

There is nothing to prove that Nash can't score 40 here just like Gaborik did. And if Nash only gets 39, there's nothing wrong with that either.

Getting a 40 goal scorer like Gaborik in here (and Nash in on that level) is well worth what we gave up.

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