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Originally Posted by Lexus Dog View Post
Is this real life? Come on guys this is ridiculous. I don't OWN or OPERATE the site. The facts are the facts. After 28 you should not expect an increase in goals. Only 33 players! And look at how elite most of those guys are.
Who cares?

Nash can still top 40 goals and not make your stupid list.

Gaborik did the same exact thing.

There's no reason to think Nash can't have a Gaborik-like impact here. None at all. And if Nash produces such a season, we win.

The only one being ridiculous is you.

The facts show that Gaborik only scored 40 once from age 18-27, yet when he got to NY he did it twice from ages 28-30.

So it's reasonable to expect with the cast here, Nash (who scored 40 twice from age 18-27) can also do it twice in the next three years.

The only reason he might not that you've been able to reasonably cite is that there will be so much other goal scoring, he won't have to score 40.

And there's no reason to count that against him.

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