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Originally Posted by CTU2fan View Post
That's very true, but it doesn't necessarily justify some of the BS calls against him. Although honestly I don't think he got nearly as many unfair "rep calls" as Rinaldo gets. To me Rinaldo isn't half as dirty/ratty as Carcillo but he gets more of those...I mean Rinaldo gets some where I'm scratching my head going "what, 2 minutes for checking?"
Rinaldo gets them because officials know how why he's on the team, and it's the same reason he's likely to be off of it soon enough. The guy had more suspensions than goals the previous year in the AHL. That's the risk the organization took, which is why I'm as critical of the team than the player. If they're isolated incidents that's one thing, but if it keeps happening (which it did last season), that's on the coach/GM for ignoring the pulse and constantly putting the team in a situation where they get burned.

Likewise Carcillo. The year before he was traded here, he had 324 (!!!) penalty minutes. In just 57 games - the most since the lockout. In an 82 game season, he would have been on pace for 466, which would have been the 2nd most ever in a single season (behind Dave Schultz). Only Konopka has had a 300 PIM season since the lockout and it was in a full season, and no one else has played less than 63 games and had 200 PIMs in a season since the lockout. Carcillo came into the league and immediately forced the refs into never giving him the benefit of the doubt.

That is a well-earned reputation, a risk the Flyers willingly took in acquiring him the following season (when he had 70 less PIMs, but still led the league. Coaches have enough to deal with on the bench, managing a player reputation with the refs is almost always a losing battle, which eventually the coaches and players get sick of. The result was Carcillo started seeing the bench more often, so I think this 'lack of respect' came because Lavy stopped having his back. Rinaldo does less with his ice time and gets in about as much trouble given his ice time, and if he earned a rep (331 PIMs and 4 suspensions does that) in the AHL, the NHL isn't going ignore that. If a rep is ever shaken it takes many years and a few teams.

If you remember in 24/7, a mic'd referee essentially admitted to Max Talbot that he gave him a BS penalty on purpose. He's never had 70 PIMs in a season, imagine how that goes with someone who is good for at least 3 times that when they play 7-8 fewer minutes per game. Whether it's fair or not is a valid argument, but how many penalty kills and lost points are worth the interest of fairness?

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