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07-24-2012, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by NvincentYvalentineR View Post
No it doesn't. How do you make a point off of statistics that have nothing to do with your point?

Your link shows players who have scored 180 or more goals from 28-33. What the **** does that **** have to do a player increasing his goal totals after age 28?
Dear Lord...

What does it have to do with it? Multiple 60 (points) times 6 (seasons) = 360 points. 30 (goals) times 6 (seasons) = 180 goals. Basically, don't expect more than 30-30 from Nash during his stay in Manhattan.

It has everything to do with it. A 30-30 player making $7.8 million per? Is anybody out there who can actually hear me on this?

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