Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ottawa Senators buyout Bobby Butler
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07-23-2012, 11:55 PM
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I wasn't a big Butler fan last year and I'm not completely down on him this year. I don't see the point in buying him whatsoever. He makes almost 1/3rd of league average right now, so he or many others should be easily moveable for contract space if it were really needed.

Anyways, let him compete for a job and see if he can find a niche in the league. He does have a talent and could be fairly valuable if he proves that he can exploit it.

Originally Posted by JackBauer View Post
How exactly are we going to hit the floor? Serious question, not bashing the move
I'm not sure that the team cares about reaching the floor. We won't forfeit games because we're under the cap. The main thing that we're giving up is access to revenue sharing... but with the building at 95% soldout every year, I don't think that we qualify.

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