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07-24-2012, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
The longer it goes (and we're within 47 hours now), the more likely Weber becomes a Flyer. Even before the offer sheet, it's clear Poile was considering cutting losses with Weber. If it's taking this long to match, the ownership could be persuaded by Poile to allow him to match, but they're still not sold if we're going to go into Day 6. And I don't see ownership greenlighting Poile spending $27M on one player, and $80M over 6 years just to turn around and trade him a year from now, or after they spent the money (unless the new CBA allows teams to spend money in trades again).

Holmgren has no reason to cave in, because worst case scenario is that no one in the East gets him if the Flyers don't, while leaving Poile in an untenable situation is simply collateral damage. He's right in thinking this was the best chance to get Weber, for as long as they wanted him.
I don't think waiting til day 6 necessarily means its a no-go on matching... more likely what has gone on is two-fold... first, the owners have been deciding if the can match and if so, arranging contingencies to have the $13 million cash available because its due upon signing. That likely took a few days..

In the meantime, Poile has probably been not just talking to Holmgren about a "trade in lieu of not matching" but probably other teams setting up possible trades involving the Philly picks to see what other moves are possible if the choose not to match... for instance, I would think Poile has at least spoken to Calgary about J-Bo as a backup plan(or maybe even Phoenix about Yandle since they may be most likely to take picks), and if he has a deal thats ready to go, that may go a long way to making it clear which way is the best to go

most likely the meetings held tonight and/or tomorrow boiled down to discussing all of those possibilities and choosing the best one...

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