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Originally Posted by Gresch04 View Post
You actually think a list of players who eclipsed their career high in goals from 28-33 is meaningful and proves anything? A career high is by definition hard to exceed since it's the HIGH point of the career and defines the upper range of the average. What you've identified is the obvious - it's hard to exceed your best ever performance.

It's not, however, hard to perform at our around your average. It's also not unreasonable to suggest that playing with more talent could provide a bonus to overall performance. This is all REASONABLE...not factual, not certain, but clearly not ridiculous as you suggest.

So believing Nash will score 35 or maybe 38-42 as a result of playing on the 2nd best team in the league, with more playmakers, is not unreasonable.

What's most important to remember is that Rick Nash will play the game and score an unknowable number of goals because stats only provide guidance and not PROOF of future performance.
I would have no problem with his assertion if he actually provided proof of what he said. He didn't actually show anything about a player eclipsing previous goal totals after age 28. He just gave you a link to a list of players that have 180 goals and 360 points between ages 28-33. He didn't show anything to back up his claims. He provided meaningless tables that he assumed no one would understand.

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