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07-24-2012, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
you seem to be getting carried away. most people are saying this is the best howson could do. i also believe nash would have fetched no more unless a team didnt like a guy -jvr- or a team wanted to move cap hit for deals later. also i think howson had no interest in any asset over a certain age which limited the ability of the few trade partners to squeeze nash in and still have cap options to make further transactions.

the reality is that the return isnt large... but its fair for nash at his cap hit and his small market of allowed teams.
Carried away? I may be wired on caffeine, but I'm calmer than I've been in days.

I think that we can look at the return as "high-end change-of-scenery players". Anisimov and Dubinsky weren't going to crack the top-6 permanently; the players ahead of them are just too good at this point. Erixon was unlikely to get anything more than third-pairing minutes as a best-case scenario.

But pretty much anywhere else in the league, they'd be logging serious minutes and getting prime opportunities. I can this really working out well for both sides; Nash can hit 50, and the two forwards can combine for 40-50 depending on how they're used. Erixon may be able to play right away, and if not, he'll be the first guy called up AND allow Ryan Murray another year in the WHL.

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