Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ottawa Senators buyout Bobby Butler
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07-24-2012, 01:15 AM
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Can someone name a team that has been below the cap floor or above the cap since the new CBA started? No? That's because it has never happened. Whenever a reporter has asked the NHL what the penalty is for being below the floor the answer they always give is, "It can't happen".

Ever wonder why whenever a trade goes down reporters say it's not official until they get a confirmation from the NHL? What is the NHL confirming anyway? One thing is the cap implications for the teams involved. If the transaction puts a team under the floor or over the cap, it is not approved. If a player is sent down or called up, the NHL checks the implication of the move and if it will put a team above the cap or below the floor, it won't let the team do it unless another transaction is also completed to get back in compliance.

That is the reason it can't happen. The NHL monitors every team's cap space daily from day 1 of the season through the off season. And although the CBA allows for more leeway in the off season there are still parameters that have to be met and monitored. Tagging being one of the most common.

Do people actually think that if on day 1 of the season if the NHL says, sorry Brian but you're below the cap floor, you can't play a game until you fix it. That Murray would sit there and do nothing? Do people think that the Sens don't have anyone looking at this and that they wouldn't know if they are below the floor and do nothing about it? sheeeesh.

Still not convinced, Remember last year when the Rangers waived and sent down Avery? No problem right. Except Dallas was still paying a portion of his salary, and the Rangers sending him down would cause them to be below the floor. What happened? As soon as the Rangers announced Avery was put on waivers and was being sent down if he cleared after 48 hrs, Dallas came out and stated they were working on the problem, before anyone even knew there was a problem. and they fixed it.

So chill out. There is no chance in hell that the Sens or any other team will be below the floor. As the NHl says, IT CAN'T HAPPEN. period. full stop.

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