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07-24-2012, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by SactoShark View Post
SEL, not KHL. And he was horrible there by all accounts I read.

It's not a fair gauge on talent anyway, imo. Greiss is solid and will get better with increased starts.
My bad on the league sorry.

Never said he was good statistically over there. Just that he was noticably better as a backup this year, than the year he was behind Nabby, and even though it could have been pure coincidence, I felt like it had something to do with the fact he actually got to play a lot more over there than here, thus showing that maybe the kid just needs to get a real chance and he can do a respectable job.

Originally Posted by Barrie22 View Post
Greiss might have faster cross ice speed but he for sure doesnt have cross ice control. That is one conplaint about greiss is that he over comits way to much, which means if the shooter waits just an extra second to shoot the puck greiss will be so far out of position it will be like an empty net goal.

Niemi might be slower getting across, but even so he will 90% of the time be in perfect position to make the stop.
If by perfect position you mean flopping around like a fish out of water then yes. The guy spent WAAAAAAY to much time down low in the butterfly, thus affecting his movement speed, and probably why he also seems to lose track of the puck very easily thus exacerbating his horrible rebound control. He also absolutely fails at regaining his stature in net once hes gone down. He will just roll around and flail for a minute and looks really really silly for a good 1-2seconds every single time.

Also I would argue that its easier to teach a goalie to not over commit on the movement aspect of things, than it is to teach one to have better reflexes. In other words niemis glove probably aint getting any faster, but griess definitly has a good shot to learn to control his movements better.

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