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07-24-2012, 01:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Qvist View Post
The surprise is I would have thought Howson would get at least one grade A asset out of this. But obviously, there wasn't one wasn't forthcoming. He got four good assets, which isn't bad. Look at it this way, it's not much different from the compensation the Predators will get for Shea Weber if they don't match the Flyers' offer sheet.
Everyone who thought that Rick Nash and Shea Weber would get a similar return, go ahead and raise your hands.

Actually, I'd argue that Columbus is getting MORE for Nash than if Nashville takes the picks, even setting aside how far off in the future those picks would be coming in. If we use Mike Fisher as a comparison for versatile forwards who are good for 45-55 points and can play special teams, then similar forwards would be worth a late 1st-rounder (I'm setting aside the conditional pick Ottawa received). That would put Dubinsky in that range, and although Anisimov doesn't possess the same versatility, the tantalizing skill would probably offset that and push him into the same range. The unpegged 2013 1st-rounder is what it is. Erixon's value is quite a bit higher; we'd be looking at the upper end of a first round, possibly top-10, in a given year.

Now, I don't expect Nashville to take the picks. But we can't really analyze it until we know whether they match or trade.

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