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Originally Posted by sonsofcain View Post
I guess if you hate the gym, you hate the gym, but I think a lot depends on what kind of gym you join and when you go. Cheap gyms like Planet Fitness tend to be terrible and almost always packed, but more expensive, nicer ones usually aren't as crowded and don't have such an irritating atmosphere. It's just nice not to have to worry about buying any weights or equipment or anything. The gym provides it all and you can just do whatever you want. It also helps my motivation; once I get myself up and drive to the gym it's a lot harder for me to ***** out of working out.
Disagree entirely.

If you don't like the gym atmosphere(which is...interesting...), Planet Fitness IS the gym you want to go to. You'll be surrounded with a lot more people "like you" than you will at a more expensive gym. More expensive = people who like to be in shape. You also don't want to be "that guy" at the nice gym who clearly looks like they don't belong.

Personally, I like being the reverse "that guy" at Planet Fitness. Scowling at people who use the smith machines like monkey bars, laughing at the morons who can't figure out a cable pulldown machine and bumping into people who just stand there watching TV for extended periods of time. That and it's the only place within 5 miles that's open when I workout at 5AM.

P90X is genius marketing though. They sucker people with a low drive into paying an insane amount of money for compact discs and paper. I constantly lol at the people who "swear by it". You mean, you went from couch potato to doing an hour+ of exercise a day and are seeing results? Whoa, whoa, P90X must be bomb, yo.

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