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07-24-2012, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
I think alot of it was due to Poile misjudging the players preference for "lifetime" deals.

We all speculated on here that it would be a 7x7 type deal would be somewhere in the ballpark of that it would take. Since that what Rinne went for, it's safe to assume that that's what DP figured too. Turns out we were wrong by 50%.

I think had we offered the 13 yr 100 mil deals last year, they'd both be Predators.

Had Poile faxed over 2 contracts similar to what Suter signed for to each players respective agents in November, then i think it would have been very difficult for each player to walk past those deals every day in order to hit some "far off" free agency where the money would have been relatively the same.

That said, this is the benefit of hindsight. I don't think anyone anywhere expected some of the ginormous deals that were signed this summer.

Moral of the story - when you have players like Weber/Suter, you don't fart around hoping for a "fair" deal and letting them go to UFA to "establish market value". If you have to blow the market away long before they even sniff UFA - then so be it.
but as you said thats hindsight, nobody was expecting the ridiculous money suter and parise got... just about everyone was assuming that the cap hits would be near where they are, and in fact poile offered comparable cap hit contracts... but the massive frontloading is unprecedented...

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