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Originally Posted by DynamoAO View Post
Disagree entirely.

If you don't like the gym atmosphere(which is...interesting...), Planet Fitness IS the gym you want to go to. You'll be surrounded with a lot more people "like you" than you will at a more expensive gym. More expensive = people who like to be in shape. You also don't want to be "that guy" at the nice gym who clearly looks like they don't belong.

Personally, I like being the reverse "that guy" at Planet Fitness. Scowling at people who use the smith machines like monkey bars, laughing at the morons who can't figure out a cable pulldown machine and bumping into people who just stand there watching TV for extended periods of time. That and it's the only place within 5 miles that's open when I workout at 5AM.
I almost think you're kidding. Anyway, I go to Planet Fitness when I'm at school. It's horrible. Between semesters last year, they up and removed...everything. All the spots to bench press, gone; squats, gone; preacher curl thing, gone; all free-weight bars, gone. Etc. They now just have 3 or 4 of those machines where the bar is attached to the frame of the machine and slides up and down, so if you want to bench, squat, anything, you have to use those awful things. And I have to wait for pretty much everything and every weight. I couldn't care less if I'm less jacked than most of the d00ds at Gold's.

Originally Posted by BrooklynCapsFan View Post
I would like to applaud the phrase cherub physique.

That's all.
Is that because it describes you so well? I think you finally found something to use for the C in your acrostic.

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